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Our Skyline Box range of glazing bars offer an economical roof glazing solution when compared with curtain walling roofing systems. The glazing bar's strength is provided by an internal box section. The glazing bar is weathered by a screw on pressure cap (PC1) with a choice of plain (PC2) or ornate (PC3) cosmetic outer snap-on cappings to conceal all fixing screws.

When used with high performance double glazing units with warm edge spacer bars and argon gas filling this system can achieve an overall U Value of 1.4W/ m²K to comply with Building Regulation Document L.

Our Skyline range of glazing bars offer an economical roof glazing solution incorporating slim sightlines. The glazing bar's strength is provided by an internal stalk (or fin) which is cut away at the top and bottom main fixing positions.
An internal snap-on ornate capping system (PC4) is also available if desired to fully conceal the internal stalk giving the appearance of a feature timber rafter.

When used with high performance double glazing units with warm edge spacer bars and argon gas filling this system can achieve an overall U Value of 1.4W/ m²K to comply with Building Regulation Document L.

Timber rafters (supplied by the builder or joinery sub-contractor) will create an appealing visual effect inside any home and are totally protected from the effects of weathering by our externally clad Rafterline Patent Glazing system.
Due to the pleasing aesthetics of aluminium and timber materials our Rafterline system is the most popular specifiers choice for domestic projects.

When used with double glazing and thermal breaks this system is easily capable of providing an overall U Value of 1.6W/ m²K to comply with Building Regulation Document L.

Our Traditional patent glazing system remains our customers most popular choice for use on unheated spaces such as Railway Stations, glazed canopies and covered ways where thermal properties are not a consideration.
This system has been installed on thousands of projects nationwide and is available with a choice of capping systems to suit your needs.
A truly great glazing system combined with economy and a proven track record. 30,000m² of this glazing system has been installed by us on many major railway stations throughout the UK in recent times.

This system is capable of accommodating solid or multi-wall polycarbonate sheets or double glazed units up to 28mm thick if used on unheated spaces or where compliance with Building Regulations Document L are not a consideration.

Our 'Heritage' Patent Glazing Bar range is truly unique amongst roof glazing systems; there are no alternative products available on the market which can match an original lead covered steel patent glazing bar which originates from the Victorian era. This range has been manufactured by us unaltered for over a century and is the perfect product for listed buildings and for use in the refurbishment of significant and historic buildings. This system is also still very popular for new build projects and should not to be overlooked on today's modern buildings where a unique character look is desired.


Although we are predominantly a commercial specialist sub-contractor working on larger major buildings throughout the UK we are also able to quote for most domestic applications. We regularly work on small and large domestic projects and would be pleased to quote for your work. Please read on for more information and guidance to find out if we can be of assistance on your project.


  • Domestic Clients
  • Obtaning a Quotation and Placing an Order with us



Domestic clients are usually required to employ the services of an Architect to design their new home, extension or conversion project. Normally the Architect's services are retained throughout the bulding phase of the works which has obvious benefits for the smooth running of the project.

A builder is usually appointed by the client to run the site on a full time basis and engage the services of all the different sub-contract trades as well as arranging the sequencing of the works. The builder should be responsible for CDM, Welfare facilities for all site workers and the provision of safe access and scaffolding to enable each trade to carry out their repective part of the works in a safe manner. The majority of domestic projects we undertake are on this basis and in this respect it is the same procedure as the larger type projects we undertake.

On smaller projects where the building works are not subject to the CDM Regulations the client may wish to project manage the works themself, dispensing with the Architect's and Builder's services. If the client has competent management skills then this option can still work well and provide considerable cost savings to the overall build price. The Client/Project Manager will need to have a full hands-on approach as well as having some building knowledge and must make themselves available during working hours to discuss any issues that arise. We would expect all necessary access and scaffolding equipment to be provided by the client to enable us to survey the structure (if this service is required) and for the installation of our roof glazing. We would be willing to discuss our access requirements with you at the early stages of your project.
As a specialist roof glazing sub-contractor we are unable to allow for providing the structural rails that support the glazing at head and bottom positions. These must be supplied by other trades and be capable of carrying the loadings which will be imposed on them. Many projects require lead flashings to help weather the glazing at the head and side positions. These items are also normally provided by other trades and must be in place before the roof glazing is installed.
If you are prepared to work to the above criteria and provide the items requested then we'd be pleased to work with you.




The sequence of events from quotation to installation are as follows:

1. Email or post us all design drawings relating to the roof glazing to enable us to provide you with an offical quotation for the works.
Contact us by phone on 01924 461213
or email estimating@patent-glazing.com
with any questions you have or for general advice.

2. Our comprehesive quotation will be emailed to you detailing the works we have allowed for and including any standard interface drawing/details which are appropriate for your design. Please contact us to discuss the quotation with any queries you have before placing an order.

3. If you wish to proceed with an order please confirm your acceptance of our quotation in writing/email.

4. We will formally acknowledge your order and send out a RFI (Request For Information) if we require additional information from you.

5. If we have allowed for carrying out a site survey to obtain manufacturing sizes we will agree a mutually convenient date and time to attend site. This is usually approx. 1 week from your order or when you inform us that the supporting structure for the roof glazing has been fully completed. Please note that we will not usually attend site unless you confirm to us in writing that the supporting structure is complete. We will have to charge for return visits if we are unable to obtain all required dimensions during our survey.

6. If you are tasked with providing us with the site sizes then we will first issue you with a project specific A1 sized drawing showing plan and section views of the roof glazing. We will request that you provide us with the dimensions missing on our drawing(s).

7.Our design drawing will be forwarded to you in approx. 2 weeks from your order (if we have been supplied with all required interface details on the Architect's drawings) or 2 weeks from the completed site survey. We will request your approval of the drawing and dimensions (if you have supplied us with sizes).

8. If the manufacturing sizes have changed from the sizes stated on our accepted quotation or if additional items have been added or items omitted then we will submit a revised quotation for your acceptance before we can commence manufacture of materials.

9. Once the drawings have been approved the project will enter the queue for detailing in our Drawing Office. You will be supplied with our anticipated lead-in time and we will contact you in due course to agree an installation date.

10. We will require your 50% deposit before we attend site to carry out the installation. Please ensure that this is paid before we agree an installation date as we may need to charge a fee if installers have been booked in for a date and monies have not cleared in our bank account in time.

11. Our installation team will arrive on the agreed date to carry out the work. Please ensure that all agreed access and scaffolding are provided for our exclusive use. If we are unable to commence works due to insufficient access being provided or the supporting structure being incomplete then we may have to charge for a return visit to site. The return visit to site may be delayed to fit around other projects we have given firm installation dates to.

12.Once the installation has been completed we will require you to sign our operatives work sheets to state that the work has been carried out to your satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with any work please contact us before our installers leave site so that this can be resolved whilst our teams are on site.

13. Once the work has been completed we will invoice the remaining balance to you for immediate payment.

14. You will be entitled to a 5 year guarantee against defective workmanship and system failures from the completed installation date.