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We are very proud and thankful to be specified on such a regular basis by many of today's leading Architectural practices and our continued success hinges on this fact. Therefore, our web site is designed to help you easily specify our products as well as incorporate our standard details into your Architectural drawings. A wealth of guidance notes, drawings and examples of our work can be found by selecting the main menus at the top of any web page contained on this site. Any suggestions on how we can improve our web site to make your job easier will be included in our future updates.

Click Here for an overview of our five different glazing systems. Alternatively if you know which systems you are interested in then choose from below to be directed to our massive library of AutoCAD drawings that are supplied with you in mind.

NBS Specification Sheets
Information on patent glazing, to assist specification writing can be found in the National Building Specification, NBS section H10. Alternatively we can offer you access to our own in-house H10 creator software on this site which offers information similar to the official format available from NBS. Please choose from below to be directed to our H10 section where you can create your own personal H10 type spec or use one of our many templates which can be configured manually to suit your needs.

It is usually advisable to contact our Technical Department at the early design stages of a project in order to discuss your specific requirements for the patent glazing and to agree suitable interface details with the surrounding structure. If you are happy to incorporate our standard details directly into your drawings then we are very willing to review any drawings you have created to confirm that they are a correct interpretation and point out any possible problems or offer further suggestions.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that our systems are designed, manufactured and installed totally by our directly employed staff resulting in only one point of contact for after sales advice and you can be assured that our five year guarantee will be honoured. In today's economic climate we are well placed to weather the storms that are appearing now thanks to our past success and due to retaining large funds in reserve for the rainy days that are upon the construction industry right now. Very few companies have this ethos, which is resulting in the closure of many businesses throughout the UK.