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Our Heritage Lead Covered Steel Patent Glazing bars are a unique product and encapsulate the very essence of the Patent Glazing tradition. The glazing bar design originates from Victorian enterprise and ingenuity.

The glazing bar consists of a rolled mild steel core which is then sprayed with a proprietary rust inhibitor before being inserted into its cover. The covering is a seamless lead extrusion that incorporates a twin wing weathering system and glass seatings. The ends of the cover are then soldered to give a hermetic seal. Cast brass fixing plates and glass stop are screwed on to produce the finished glazing bar.

This system is offered today for the replacement, refurbishment and upgrading of grade 1 & 2 listed buildings, buildings of historic value or other prestigious projects. Please note that apart from the Heritage range, no other products are available on the market that can compare to the original lead covered steel patent glazing bar.

The Heritage Lead Covered glazing bar range meets all the requirements of British Standard BS5516: 2004 Code of Practice for the design and installation of vertical and sloping patent glazing.

The Heritage glazing bar has been produced by Standard Patent Glazing for over 100 years. Our extruded lead glazing bar covers are still manufactured to this day in our factory using the original powerful machinery which has been maintained to a magnificent level over the decades.

The amount of time taken to produce each glazing bar is substantially higher when compared to our modern aluminium glazing systems and due to the average heritage glazing bar weighing more than twice as much as our typical aluminium Skyline Box glazing bar, the cost for this system should not be compared with other patent glazing bars which are unable to offer the unique and original characteristics of our Heritage glazing bar. Typically, our Heritage glazing bars costs are similar to our polyester powder coated Skyline Box SPG7 section glazing bar.


Our Heritage Lead Covered Patent Glazing bar system was used on three magnificent glazed domes at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester (see photo at top left of page). The dramatic restoration of this grade II listed feature building was made possible only by this unique glazing system from The Standard Patent Glazing Company

Other prestigious contracts have been carried out using this special glazing system at Buckingham Palace, Chequers and The Royal Courts of Justice, to name but a few.


The above image is an excerpt from our brochure dating back to 1928 and depicts the ten different types of Lead Covered Steel glazing bars that were available from Standard Patent Glazing at that time in history. Our range was gradually reduced throughout the decades to accommodate the increasing demand for our new lighter and more economical aluminium glazing bars that were introduced by us in the 1950's.

A typical installation from the 1920's

Bar Section
Depth mm
Ix-x cm4
Zx-x cm3
Maximum Span Roof Single Glazing
Maximum Span Roof Double Glazing
Maximum Span Vertical Single Glazing
Maximum Span Vertical Double Glazing
Maximum glazing bar spans are for guidance only. We will select the appropriate glazing bar for each contract.
No. 5
No. 7