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The need for controlling high level ventilation in buildings is universally appreciated, and wherever out of reach ventilators are incorporated there is a requirement for simple, economic and unobtrusive type of gear.

This range of products is used extensively in Schools, Hospitals, Disa bled Housing, Factories and every type of Commercial Building. The Product is designed for easy fitting and is adaptable to every type of application.

The Teleflex system is based upon a unique form of cabling having an helix wire to form a flexible rack. This cable, enclosed in a rigid conduit, engages a suitably hobbed wheel in the operator and head unit, where in a push pull action, imparted by rotation of the handle, drives the mechanism to open and close the opening lights. The non-ferrous aluminium construction guarantees maximum reliability and maximum working life.

The unique “Clearline” conduit, used exclusively in all Teleflex Control opening systems has many features. Protected by a PVC outer cover, the basic construction is of tinned steel further complimented by Rigidex’ low friction liner. On-site decisions regarding conduit routing can be made to suit the prevailing conditions.

A mechanically irreversible action allows the screwjack to be utilised for heavy applications where its design enables a considerable reduction on load on both the window gear and the operator.

The wall mounted winding handles are supplied in a white polyester powder coated finish to match the screwjack openers and feature No-back clutches for security and wind loading.

Teleflex Gearing is installed after the completion of the Patent Glazing by one of our specialist Teleflex sub-contractors.

The gearing is face-fixed to finished surfaces, which must be fully decorated prior to installation.

Safe access must be provided by the Contractor/Client to allow the cable to be installed between the bottom of the ventilators and the pre-determined operating handle positions.