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Manually Controlled Gearing for operating opening vents

The most economical solution, when conditions dictate, is to control our opening lights with a manual gear. Please note that Manual gearing can only be used where the operator can physically open the vents with their hands, via a detachable mechanical pole or an endless cord.


Screwjack Gearing
The most popular types of manual gears are Screwjacks. These devices can be supplied to open to either a maximum of 150mm or 300mm in either a brass or chrome finish. They are supplied with either a neat handle (if the gear can be reached by hand) or an eyelet at the base for operation by means of a hooked detachable crank handle. Once a connection has been established with the crank handle and gear the user is then able to wind the handle at the bottom end to open and close the opening light.
The gears are threaded throughout the whole shaft and as they are turned the corresponding integral threaded bracket attached to the outer frame of the opening light drives the vent open in the same manner as the mechanism of a typical nut and bolt.
The detachable crank handles can be supplied in brass or chrome with quality mahogany handles for high end commercial contracts or domestic projects and are also available in a less ornate aluminium version with black and grey plastic handles.

Endless Cord Gears
Where it is not possible to use screwjack gears due to the opening lights being installed over 3.5 metres from floor level or if there is a restricted opening below the glazing an endless cord gear may be considered. These gears incorporate a 5 metre deep endless cord (10 metres in total) and are operated by pulling on either end of the cord to allow opening and closing. These devices can be supplied to open to a maximum of 300mm or 500mm

Other Gearing types
In vertical applications it is usual to install a folding opener. These devices can be be supplied in single or double types. Our access opening lights are fitted with either pneumatic gas struts or manual hold open stays.

screwjack gearing with eyelet

screwjack gearing with integral handle (chrome) and eyelet (brass)

Mahogany and Chrome detachable Crank Handle