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Electrical Gearing Manual Gearing Remote Control Gearing
Fire & Smoke Control Systems

Our opening vents can be operated by a variety of means to suit individual projects. Electric, manual and remote control are the three most common devices available. please click on any of the images below to be directed to a web page that describes each option in more detail with additional images.

Electrically controlled systems to operate our opening vents have become the most popular devices in recent times. Reliability combined with low relative cost make electrically controlled opening vents the number one choice for the majority of projects that we undertake. The actuators can be controlled by either a simple wall mounted on/off switch or a more sophisticated control panel that can combine automatic temperature control, rain and wind sensors. On larger commercial projects the control panels can be supplied with options to open the vents in banks and can include timers and key switches or be linked to a seperate Building Management System (BMS) to allow for smoke control

Manual (for day to day ventilation)
Manual gearing can only be used where the operator can physically open the vents with their hands, via a detachable mechanical pole or endless cord. The most appropriate type that we provide is the well established screwjack gear which is available in a chrome or brass finish. The gearing device is either 150mm or 300mm long and has an eyelet attached to its base which accepts a hook attached to the detachable long arm. Once a connection has been established the user is then able to wind the handle at the bottom of the long arm to open and close the opening light. Long arms can be supplied in quality mahogany and brass or mahogany and chrome finishes for domestic projects and high end commercial contracts and are also available in a basic metal version with plastic handles. Manual (for access to or from a building) We are able to provide opening vents for either internal or external access. We normally attach pneumatic gas struts to the openers which provide a safe way to take the weight of the unit which could reach up to 30 kgs.

Remote Control (Teleflex Gearing)
The Teleflex gearing system is based upon a unique form of cabling. The cable, enclosed in a rigid conduit, drives the mechanism to open and close the vents. The conduit is installed from the gearing on the opening light to a suitable location on the wall where the operator uses a wall mounted winding handle for operation. The handles can be provided so that they can be detached to prevent unauthorised control.