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Microsoft Word - Instructions for Enabling Macros in 4 easy steps

If you are having problems launching the H10 Specification creator program in Word it is because you do not have 'Macros enabled' in your version of Microsoft Word.

To enable Macros follow these simple instructions:
1. Open Microsoft Word
2. Select the 'Tools' menu from the top toolbar and then select the heading 'Macro' then the heading 'security' (see Figure 1 below)
3. Select 'Medium' security Level from the Security dialogue box then select OK. (see Figure 2 below)
4. Most importantly you MUST now Close your Version of Microsoft Word for the changes to take effect and then re-open the file 'H10 Patent Glazing Spec creator by Standard PG.doc' from the saved location on your computer's hard drive.


      Figure 1. Select the 'Macro' menu then 'Security' option from Word's 'Tools' menu


    Figure 2. Select the 'Medium' or 'Low' security option

Note: For this action to take effect Word must first be closed down and then re-opened.


Alternatively, you may wish to create your own H10 Spec sheet from the Blank Template or any of our many templates for each of our glazing systems, skylights and lanterns, etc.

<< Click Here to view the Template H10 Spec sheet >>