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Maintenance and Access

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, the Designers of the building have a responsibility to design-in access, at the initial and early design stages, for the cleaning and maintenance requirements of the completed project.
Maintenance Managers and Operatives must refer back and consult the "Health and Safety File" and an appropriate Method Statement/Risk Assessment for guidance on access, routes for foot traffic, safety requirements and the use of all necessary Personal Protection Equipment, prior to any work being carried out

Permanent access systems, which are independent of the glazing system are the preferred option especially for high level glazing.

Periodic cleaning of the glazing to remove dirt and the build up of debris will be required to keep the glazing system in a good condition and to avoid the loss of light transmission from the glass. Certain glass products can be subjected to thermal stresses if the panes are unclean for prolonged periods of time.

Aluminium sections with powder coated or anodised finishes must be cleaned regularly to conform to the terms of guarantee. It is advisable to check all components annually for damage or deterioration and replacement materials should be fixed as soon as possible.

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