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domestic conservatory
domestic conservatory
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Internal apperance

The Rafterline glazing bar system is based on the same principles as the popular Skyline SPG range. The internal stalk of the bar in this case is not required.

The glazing bars' strength is provided by others structural timber rafters x 50mm wide (44mm minimum) and the maximum span of this system is therefore only limited by the integrity of the rafters.

The advantages of this system are that the timber rafters create a appealing visual effect inside the building and are totally protected from the effects of weathering from the elements. The external aluminium glazing system will provide excellent weather resistance and is not subject to the regular maintenance required for timber glazing systems.

Due to the appealing internal appearance of this system, it is regularly requested for domestic use, such as conservatory roofs.


The Rafterline glazing system is suitable for double glazed applications where compliance with Building Regulations Document L are a requirement. When used with double glazing and thermal breaks this system is capable of providing an overall U Value of approximately 1.8W/m²K.

This system readily accepts both single glazing and double glazed units up to 32mm thick and as with all our systems, can be combined with opening vents to offer a total glazing solution.

The Rafterline glazing system is our most popular range of glazing bars on supply only contracts where the thoughtful design of our sections allows for relatively speedy installation by a competent tradesman. The glazing bars can be ordered oversized for on-site cutting if exact sizes are not known at order stage.