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Low Profile Vents Single Glazed Vents Domestic Conservatory
Domestic Property with internal blinds
Special Rack & Pinion Gearing Opening Vent in Lantern Access vent - Buckingham Palace Access Vent - Domestic Property

Most Glazing Applications will benefit from the use of ventilation, giving the user greater control over their internal environment when necessary. The versatile design of our opening vents enables them to be incorporated into all of our glazing systems with any infill material from 6mm to 28mm thick. Our opening vents are low profile and offer slender sightlines in comparison to other roof vents available elsewhere. They have been designed to be operated by a wide variety of Manual, Remote Controlled and Electrical gearing.

Minimum Pitch
To guarantee water tightness, roof vents must be installed to a minimum of 15°.

Top Hung Thermally Broken Low Profile Opening Vents

Our Top hung range is suitable for installation in both sloping and vertical applications and is generally manufactured to a maximum size of 750mm wide by 1500mm deep. In a typical roof application, its recommended location will be at the top of the patent glazing, although in certain instances these vents can be positioned in the centre or lower parts of the glazing by using alternative top and bottom panel sections. Depending on the size of opening vent and gearing type used the general maximum opening size achieved will be in the region of 400mm.

Side Hung Thermally Broken Low Profile Access Vents

Our Side Hung Access opening vents offer a means of occasional external access to the building or internal access to the roof space where laylights prevent access from below. This product utilises the same extrusions as our main top hung opening light and can be supplied to any size up to 750mm wide by 1500mm deep. Access vents are mainly used by maintenance workers to gain entry to the roof area and the use of either a ladder or tower scaffolding to safely climb through the opening may be required. If the access vents are to be used on a more regular basis then it is suggested that the building designer incorporates a permanent structure below to provide a safe passage for the user. This product is fitted with either pneumatic gas struts or manual hold open stays and can be supplied with internal locking handles and external pull handles with safety and security in mind.