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Based on our experience with specialist smoke and ventilation sub contractors, we have outlined below important points regarding fire and smoke controlled systems.

Fire and Smoke control systems require a far greater input from the specifier or client compared with the normal ventilation products that we offer.

Before specifying and procuring a smoke ventilation control system, we would ask you to give full consideration to these points.

1. For system longevity and performance it is critical the control system is subject to regular maintenance. BS7346 specifies a twice annual maintenance for smoke ventilation products of this nature.

2. Ventilator controls that are to be used and operated under a fire and smoke situation (in addition to natural ventilation) will always require an emergency power supply (battery back up).

3. The Building Control officer and Fire officer must also be satisfied with the level of smoke ventilation in the building as a whole (the glazing must not be a stand alone item), and many criteria can effect the level of ventilation required.

4. The Smoke ventilators to the patent glazing may form part of a Building Management System (B.M.S) and therefore may be required to be compatible for inclusion within the concept as a whole.

Our general policy is for the Specialist responsible for the supply of all fire and smoke control systems to "free issue" The Standard Patent Glazing Company with the correct type and number of Smoke Vents, so that our installation team can incorporate them into the glazing system only - (totally exclusive of electrical work and wiring etc).

The smoke vents are then ready to accept the electrical connections of the specialist. Then at a later, pre-arranged date, the system will be commissioned by the specialist, prior to handover.

By the above means the guarantee for the system will rest with the supplier/installer and split responsibility will not inconven ience the final building user.

If the Designers are satisfied that the number of ventilators and sizes of each unit are sufficient for the smoke ventilation requirements for the building, then we may be able to offer the supply of a smoke control system based on information in the Tender Drawings and any specifications in your possession.

Due to the nature of this work, we would look to Sub-Let the works to a recognised Specialist Smoke and Ventilation Sub Contractor.